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"Товуши" - журнал обшины Горских Евреев Нью-Йорка и всего мира.

Мы рассказываем о жизни, событиях, культурных новостях наших общин в Америке, России, Израиле, Германии, Канаде, Азербайджане, Австралии и в других странах мира.


Главы из Торы

Первый фильм переведённый на язык джуури (язык горских евреев).

К вашему вниманию главы из первой книги Торы - Беришит.

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5. Gəşdəyho

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Tuesday, 20 December 2016 00:00


Журнал “Товуши-Свет” поздравляет Вас с праздником света и огней. Ханука - символ стойкости и верности еврейского народа своим традициям и заповедям. Мы желаем Вам, чтобы сияние ханукальной меноры, зажённой братьями Маккавеями, освещало ваш дом и этот мир, прекрасным светом добра.Делайте добрые и светлые дела, и верьте, что чудо ханукальной меноры продолжется.


Written by Rabbi Yosef Elishevitz   

Dear Friends,

I would like to share with you a beautiful story:

It was the first day of Sukkot, and all the congregants in the shul (synagogue) of Rabbi Elimelech of Lizensk were in a festive mood. One could feel the "Yom-Tov" spirit in the atmosphere.

As Rabbi Elimelech stood at the lectern and began reciting Hallel, all eyes turned upon him. There was something unusual in his manner this Sukkot. Why did he stop so suddenly in the middle of his swaying as he held the etrog and lulav in his hands to sniff the air? And why did he not go through the Service in his usual leisurely manner? It was evident that something was on his mind, something rather exciting by the look on his radiant countenance.

The minute the davening (praying) was over, Rabbi Elimelech hurried to where his brother Rabbi Zusha (who had come to spend the festival with him) was standing, and said to him eagerly: "Come and help me find the etrog which is permeating the whole shul with the fragrance of the Garden of Eden!"


Read more: Happy Sukkot
Written by Viktor Abayev   
Thursday, 29 September 2016 00:00


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